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At General Wire, we take great pride in the chain link we manufacture. As one of the few Galvanized After Woven (G.A.W.) chain link manufactures our fabric is 100% American made. We offer a variety of chain link fencing options for do-it-yourselfers and commercial fence companies. Our coating process ensures complete protection against rust and corrosion. Along with manufacturing G.A.W. chain link, we also stock the popular black vinyl coated chain link. Custom height, gauge, and mesh sizes are available, please call us for more information. Download our pamphlet to read more on G.A.W. manufacturing.

Selvage is the edge finish on woven chain link fabric joining pairs of pickets. The selvage may be knuckled or twisted (barbed). The following selvage combinations are available in heights from 3 to 12 feet.
Note: Some selvage combinations are height and gauge specific.

Knuckle Twist
Knuckle-Knucle Fence Twist-Twist

Gauges include:
12 ½ gauge, 2 ¼” mesh
11 ½ gauge, 2 ¼” mesh
11 gauge, 2” mesh
11 gauge, 1 ¾” mesh (tennis courts)
9 gauge, 2” mesh
6 gauge, 2” mesh (special order only)
Chain Link Roll Chain Link Palettes

Black vinyl coated is available in 4’, 5’, and 6’ heights with knuckle knuckle selvage, 9 gauge, 2” mesh. Other colors and heights (from 3 to 10 feet) are available for special order. Chain Link Roll Black Vinyl Chain Link Palettes

Complete list of available gauges and dimensions.



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